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DeBar Holdings is a Privately Held Company.
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​In 2008 we merged a not for profit “Think Tank” Organization with a "For Profit" Business Consultant Company. Over time many individuals have invested, collaborated, and shaped the company into its present day form, today known as Debar Holdings. Debar Holdings has long since moved on from the “think tank” business (although still advocating with many 501(c)3 nonprofit charities). The Company passions have been integrated into a diversified holding company. With business divisions and subsidiaries broken into four core divisions. 

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The Corporate Services Division which includes dealing in small business Merger and Acquisitions from $500,000 to 5 million, Corporation Liaison Services, Consulting, and Start-ups. 
The Music Industry Service Division deals in Turn Key Services related to Music Publishing, Music Licensing, Talent Buys, Rights Management, Tour Management, A&R, Concert Promotion, Press Relations, and Artist Music Releases. 
The Entertainment Services Division handles Radio, Television, On Demand Service Content, and Video Production. 
The last division, Auxiliary Services Division, which deals in Event Marketing, Direct Mailing, Public Appearances, Solavei Cell Phones & the Enormous Festival, Fair, Entertainment, Convention, Trade Show, and Seminar Company.
These affiliates and subsidiaries will intertwine on occasion. We have legitimate experience in dealing in needs of businessmen, entrepreneurs, and others in the entertainment and music industries on an affordable budget.