As an established leading VOD content provider of original programming in this space, we partner with VOD distribution platforms to allow us to maximize the content's ROI. We work directly with leading and competitive wholesalers to provide  high-volume, rapid-turn VOD content aggregation and delivery services.

Definitive Television is an accredited member of the media that creates, sells, markets, and redistributes content through national, regional, and local channels. Targeting Males 18-45, DTV's programming is sold by syndication for VIDEO ON-DEMAND services. Featuring Music, Business, Comedy, Drama, Gossip, News, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics as the Real Definitive and Independent Alternative.  

We deliver more than 1500 hours of original VOD programming per year and overall of 30,000 hours of total content to over 8 broadcast and cable networks and  independently owned outlets. With our reach hitting cable MSOs and MVPDs, reaching more than 60-million VOD-enabled households in the U.S. and Canada, the likelihood cover where you want go..

We work within these key platforms of VOD
Free video on demand (FVOD),  Transactional video on demand (TVOD),  Impulse video on demand (IVOD), and Quasi video on demand (QVOD)  


The content we provide for VOD programming is offered by a network operator such as Time Warner, Comcast, Brighthouse, etc) free of additional charge.

FVOD programming includes on-demand advertising as well as local, sports, concerts on-demand programming offered as part of a basic VOD package.


With transactional VOD the customer pays for each individual video on demand program.  
There are two sub-categories to TVOD 

 ‘Electronic Sell Through’


 ‘Download to Rent’.


IVOD service enables digital cable TV subscribers to order programming in real time through a click of their remote control, using their existing digital converter box. Impulse VOD also features interactive DVD like forward and rewind.

This platform is the 2nd highest grossing in monetization  


We deal with quasi video-on-demand (QVoD) systems, in which programs are scheduled based on a threshold on the number of pending requests

This area is more specialty, initially geared for trending cult like phenoms, now used for mid-size and large B2B meetings grounds.  

American Tourist is produced by our video production arm and is our Hotel & Resort ON DEMAND content staple for originally produced content. 

American Tourist had been initially designed to cater to the local area hotel amenities of dining, shopping and recreation. Over time this segment has grown to include nearby boutique shops, dining, take out, and meeting spaces. The content is specialized and custom to the region, season, and hotel demographics. 

American Tourist has grown to include local content in 2 minute, 12 minute and 22 minute segments intervals. American Tourist holds a Parental Guideline Rating of TV-PG, showcasing specialty advertisements and educational programs for Business, Economic Development, Commerce, Travel, Leisure, Wildlife, Parks, Municipality Recreation, in addition to Theme Parks. We currently meet or exceed eight states opt-in programs and meet or exceed the minimum criteria for state level bureau’s funding related to television advertisements and tourism.  

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Definitive Television is a Privately Held Company and Subsidiary of Morley Trust & Holdings, LLC.

The Officer Billy Doofus Show is original programming produced exclusively for ON DEMAND CABLE.


Variety format with 22 minute run time
TV Parental Guideline rating is TV-M

Watch the insanely funny and serious cast of characters poke fun at stereotypes, culture, and current events.
Officer Billy (Jim DeBerry) the bumbling police officer who’s faces many wild adventures with morality cuffed conclusions. 

The show features a cast of satire characters that are provocative, viewer discretion is advised