The 30 Second Spot 

​Professional Actor or Actress 
Shot in our state of art green screen studio 
Select 1 of 4 legal backdrops
Professional audio track background music
Lower third banner bar for phone number and website
your logo or 3 word superimposed saying

We read the copy (script) you provide of
30 seconds, 65 words = lots of inflection, sincere read
30 seconds, 78 words = typical, straight read
Note that numbers (such as a phone number), symbols (@ symbol or www) , etc., count 
as one word each.

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Do you need a Lawyer or Attorney Video Testimonial or Commercial that has more than one scene? Would you like us to come to your office? Do you share office space and just starting out? Are you a firm more than a small practice and would like a custom package? We can help you!  Our pricing structure is À la carte and catered to your needs.

Definitive Television provides quality video marketing solutions for law firms. Videos are the most compelling way to convince a website visitor to contact your firm. Market Research shows that visitors want information on the law firm before they pick up the phone and call or fill out a contact form online and clear videos of your law firm create top mind awareness.

Definitive Television produces law firm videos at a premium quality so you can give your site visitors a powerful and positive impression of your law firm. One of the most compelling ways to convince a website visitor to contact your firm is with video. Visitors are likely to want  information on the law firm prior to calling or to fill out a contact form online and informative videos of your law firm will help bring them in. In addition to providing information for your site visitors, law firm videos can also be optimized for high visibility on video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and even the normal Google results.

We handle all aspects of video production from start to finish, including:
Pre-production – Preparing all elements for video shoot, including writing the script and sending it to you prior to filming for review.

Production – Video shoot direction, filming in HD, sound, and lighting. We use a teleprompter if needed so no need for you to memorize any lines!

Post-production – Includes all aspects of editing the video for a final product that “sells” your law firm. This includes video compression services to make sure the video files are smaller to allow your site visitors to view your videos even with a slower Internet connection.

Website Video Centers – We create a section on your website with many short video clips so your website visitors can watch the videos they are interested in seeing.

Video Marketing (Video SEO) – We optimize each video we shoot for high visibility on video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video as well as offering an option to optimize for the organic Google search results.