Definitive Television is a Privately Held 
Subsidiary of Morley Trust & Holdings, LLC .
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Definitive Television is a privately held company and subsidiary of Morley Trust and Holdings, LLC. Our Corporate Office is based in Las Vegas, Nevada with satellite offices in George Town Grand Cayman Island., and Orlando, Florida specializing in TV properties, video productions and events. DTV annually delivers more than 1500 hours of original content to viewers around the world. 

Throughout the decades of advertising in markets on terrestrial television, the origins of Definitive Television began providing content in 1999. A chance meeting on Universal Studio Sound stage between the executives of Rainbow Broadcasting LTD and our then newsprint publication “FN Magazine” Division Manager  to create 18 hours of original content per year as part of a multi year agreement, during the span, content focused on a variety comedy, pro wrestling, current events news magazine show, and music for the WRBW channel 65 television station. By 2002, the distribution network grew to 6 markets. In 2005, we exited all media platforms of newsprint, radio, and television to focus on entertainment properties related to conventions, live events and concert management. In 2011, Debar Holdings, Incorporated purchased the existing assets and licenses of the newsprint, radio, and television library of FN Magazine, The Unfunny Serious Show, Big Bagel Productions, and Smart-tart Records. Under Debar Holdings the agreement rights and library had been utilized as the footprint to re-enter the market. Seeing the value of the existing agreements, during this period the properties of the television content boom with digital tv advertising, and video production platforms had been repackaged and marketed as “DEFINITIVE TELEVISION”. During such time. new original content was created and produced, and along with joining a premier content distribution network. As the Definitive Television brand grew, the company forayed into Video On-Demand (VOD) service space, quickly becoming one of most recognizable names in it's industry. In 2014, Morley Trust and Holdings, LLC acquired Definitive Television along with the Enormous Festival, Fair, Entertainment, Conventions, Trade Show, and Seminar Company (EFFECTS Co.) as part Entertainment Division Portfolio.
Our monetization and integration of free based VOD service and content allows us thrive and turn a profit while providing B2B services with raw or turn key production services directly to your subscriber with respectable retention  times.